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iOS 7 Beta 2 Video Review

Yesterday Apple released the second beta of its iOS 7 just two weeks after the first one. Although there are few visual novelties, the ones we have are very juicy, as we show you below, and the performance is really spectacular for a simple test version. Did you expect more or less from this second beta?

It’s only been two weeks since Apple introduced us to iOS 7 and allowed the developers to install it on their devices to analyze the bugs and failures that this first beta had when Cupertino’s released the second of these test versions of their operating system.

iOS 7 Beta 2 Video Review
iOS 7 Beta 2 Video Review

As we did with the first beta, and will continue to do so with subsequent ones if necessary, we have prepared a video for you to see the new features that have been included in this new test version . Although it may seem that there are few new features, the ones that have been included are surprising and very much so, at least to me, since increase the stability of the system in a surprising way for a test version that is still far from the final version that we will all be able to enjoy on our devices in the autumn.

Here’s the video.

As you can see, the news is scarce, although juicy. Now we will analyze them a little bit:

Voice Notes application returns

One of the surprises Apple gave us in the last beta is the complete disappearance of this application. In this second beta it returns, although totally redesigned . The skeumorphism has completely disappeared, becoming a completely simple and flat application. Its use is exactly the same as always: a button with which we start recording and a list with the recordings. The effect of the waves when speaking is very interesting , although I don’t like the general transformation that the application has undergone. Personally, it reminds me too much of Windows Phone, although some people will love this new version of the application.

New genre in the voices of Siri

Although I have not been able to check it on my iPhone 4s, one of the changes that are supposed to be introduced in iOS 7 beta 2 is that you can change the gender of Siri’s voice from female to male . In the video I show you that personally the only way I have had to do it is to change to a foreign voice, since I don’t have the option to change it , but it is commented by other people that it can be done. If someone has managed to do it in another device, please tell us so that all the readers can be informed.

Kiosk is also renewed

Another novelty is that Kiosk, Apple’s application for reading magazines , has been visually and slightly renewed. Personally, it is an application that I have never used on my iPhone, although I have used it on the iPad, so I don’t know exactly what the changes are, although the network tells us that there is a new interface . I haven’t been able to check it, because I haven’t been able to open the application, so, again, if any of you have seen the changes please let us know.

Many new visual and performance features

Visually iOS 7 is a real wonder (except for the icons, which I personally find horrible), and in this second beta has improved substantially . The transparencies are not so opaque, some interfaces have been improved, like the one for videos or panoramic photos, and others have been modified, like the one for FaceTime, which has been changed to a much darker tone and a more translucent background than the one I had before, or the ones for the upper buttons of Safari (Bookmarks, Reading List and Shared Links), which have been stylized, arranging them a little.

And that’s all for now. As we see the news we will inform you about them , so you can see for yourself what Apple will show us as definitive this coming autumn. If you know of any other news that hasn’t been mentioned in the article or in the video, please let us know, so that we can add to the information and we can all benefit from it. What did you think of this second beta? Were you expecting more or less news?

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