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iOS 7 Already Present on 0.22% of US iOS Devices

There is no denying that interest in the first iOS 7 beta has been very high. Just take a look at the mentions in social networks and blog comments to realize that thousands of people have launched to test this first iOS 7 beta .

Chitika wanted to offer a little more reliable data, so it has made one of its usual graphs of the traffic generated by iOS devices in its advertising networks. The result has been quite surprising and we could say that this first beta of iOS 7 is being one of the fastest adopted.

iOS 7 Already Present on 0.22% of US iOS Devices
iOS 7 Already Present on 0.22% of US iOS Devices

To produce the report, Chitika’s statistics team used a sample of tens of millions of impressions generated from iPhone and iPod Touch between June 3 and 12 in the US. The result is that 0.22 of the total were impressions from iOS 7 devices , which is really impressive considering that the beta was launched on June 10th and is just a beta (not suitable for the general public).

Chitika’s people comment:

It is important to mention that the market share achieved by the iOS 6 beta in 2012 was 0.11% . That is, the figure was half the one reached this time, but the difference is even greater if we think that on that occasion iPad users could also try out the beta, something that does not happen this time as we are reminded by Appleinsider.

The reactions after testing this first beta have been very varied. There are people who are really pleased with the new interface and the other new features it includes. Others just see that it is simply a new appearance layer, when the reality is that hides a lot of new features and others think that this change will be a ruin for Apple. Clearly, these kinds of changes can’t please everyone equally. What cannot be denied is that the interest that iOS 7 has raised cannot be compared to any of the previous versions, whether we like it or not.

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