iOS 7.1 will bring improvements in device management

We are already past the middle of February and nothing is yet known about the release of iOS 7.1. The rumours we have been telling you so far have indicated that the first major update of iOS 7 will be released to the public in March, after a testing period that started back in November.

Today, new news points out that the release date will be close to March 15th , although not on that particular day as a Saturday doesn’t seem to be a very appropriate day to release the update. In other words, we’re still talking about the same time frame.

iOS 7.1 will bring improvements in device management
iOS 7.1 will bring improvements in device management

What we didn’t know until now is that iOS 7.1 will include new mobile device management options , designed to enable business and education organizations to manage large numbers of devices.

This tool includes functions designed for administrations and the education sector and allows you to configure aspects of mobile devices such as installation, profile configuration, website blocking and other options.

These improvements in mobile device management include methods to prevent students from being able to remove restrictions installed on school-issued devices, an issue that arose in September when students in the Los Angeles school district were able to remove management profiles from their iPads.

The implementation of these improvements, demanded by the education and administration sector, could be one of the reasons why iOS 7.1 is taking so long to be launched.

It should be remembered that in addition to these new options, iOS 7.1 will involve a major upgrade , with multiple interface improvements, bug fixes and the inclusion of new features such as iOS in the car, which we talked about in Applesupportphonenumber. We will have to be attentive and prepare our devices for this update.

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