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iOS 7.1 lets you hear Bluetooth Mapping directions

One of the features that no one has seen in iOS 7.1 until now is that thanks to the new HFP (Hands Free Profile) functionality we can allow the map application to play the Bluetooth navigation directions in our car , even when the iPhone is not selected as the audio source. There is no need to configure anything, HFP works automatically.

For HFP to work, our car needs to run with this technology – which is one of the multiple protocols supported by Bluetooth-, although most of them allow it. Logically, the device will have to be paired with our car beforehand, HFP doesn’t work miracles.

iOS 7.1 lets you hear Bluetooth Mapping directions
iOS 7.1 lets you hear Bluetooth Mapping directions

To test the function, simply open Maps, start a route and press the bottom right-hand side of the Audio button. A screen like the one accompanying this entry will appear to allow us to adjust the navigation volume and the HFP-compatible output device . According to Apple itself:

Yeah, it’s like we’re listening to music on the radio, and we get a call. The iPhone automatically enters as the sound source and we can answer it without touching anything else or selecting the phone as the input source.

This applied to Maps application means that we will be able to listen to our music normally from a CD for example, and the car phone mode will only be activated when Maps needs to give us some kind of indication.

And you, have you tried this feature with your car yet? We want to know if it’s useful for you or will make you use Apple’s maps for driving from now on.

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