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iOS 7.1 Beta 3 Enables Removal of Downloaded Updates

We continue to discover “hidden” news in iOS 7.1 beta 3

With each beta that Apple made available, we could see what new features the new version of iOS might have. But there is a new one that is somewhat hidden and that many users will like, since it allows to free up space in the internal memory .

When Apple releases a new version of iOS, the update download begins on our device (via OTA, as long as we’re connected to a WiFi network and power). In a first step, it downloads the update from the server and then installs it. In previous versions this file was downloaded and it was not possible to remove it unless the update was applied, although in certain cases we may not want to do so.

iOS 7.1 Beta 3 Enables Removal of Downloaded Updates
iOS 7.1 Beta 3 Enables Removal of Downloaded Updates

In iOS 7.1 Beta 3 Apple has added the ability to delete that downloaded file if we do not wish to install the update . This way we can free up memory space, which is very welcome, as these files can take up a lot of space (especially for important updates like the jump from iOS6 to iOS 7).

Until now the way to remove that installation file was to update the fimware and in the case of the upgrade to iOS 7 this operation results in a major change to the device. When iOS 7 was released, many people refused to upgrade and saw how they had lost just over 3GB of internal storage because of the upgrade package, something they really didn’t want to use.

Considering the weight of the update, it is logical that those affected were angry, especially those with 16GB devices , since the storage space they have is quite small.

It is not certain that we will be able to enjoy this feature in the final version

It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple puts a new feature in the betas of the new iOS versions and then takes them out. For example, in iOS 7.1 beta 1, you had the option to set the keyboard to dark or light , and in beta 2, this option was removed.

Well, with this option, the same thing could happen. It is not known to what extent Apple would leave this possibility of removing the update download file in the final version of iOS 7.1. For the time being, those who have been able to test it (mostly developers) applaud this measure and hope that it will be maintained .

The possibility to delete this file would be found in SettingsGeneralUsage . In that section we can already remove apps to free up space so that we can remove them without having to hold them down, they start to wobble and we have to hit X; this is a faster way, especially if we have several apps in mind.

As AppAdvice colleagues say, we don’t know if this option will be maintained or removed with the final version of iOS 7.1. What we do know is that it would be great if they left it and so we could free up a little more space without the need to update the operating system if we don’t want to.

We will have to wait until we have the final version to see if Cupertino’s people have not only put the honey in our mouths and we can really count on this option.

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