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iOS 7.1.1 improves battery life

iOS 7.1.1 seemed like a small update with no major changes except for bug fixes, and with just over 20 MB of space, we couldn’t expect much more. However, yesterday we already saw how Apple had improved the recognition mode that uses the Touch ID to make a more efficient and fast reading of our fingerprint.

Some users found it difficult to upgrade to iOS 7.1 and lose battery life – although I didn’t notice the decrease in battery life. Well, iOS 7.1.1 has also improved this aspect to recover the previous autonomy times , reaching those seen in iOS 6.

iOS 7.1.1 improves battery life
iOS 7.1.1 improves battery life

Now according to tests, the iPhone battery lasts up to 16% longer after a six-hour test . With iOS 7.1, battery life was 61%, and now after the same test on iOS 7.1.1, battery life was 76%.

Because Apple is always exploring new ways to increase the battery life of our devices. In OS X Mavericks, they brought in a lot of new technology that took our notebook batteries far beyond what they were used for, making them the kings of notebook computers with battery life of over 12 hours , something never before seen on a MacBook.

One of the ways iOS is able to improve your battery life is by monitoring your battery charge and discharge cycles. This is when uses that information to alter various parameters, such as screen brightness or CPU speed , thus being able to make our iPhone endure more hours away from the charger.

We will appreciate this if we load the iPhone normally at night, where we will see that the brightness usually becomes higher than normal, even if there is little light . This is because the iPhone knows that it will be charged soon, and somehow, it doesn’t care that the high brightness of the screen consumes more energy.

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