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iOS 6 Users Report FaceTime Bugs

We have received news about a malfunction that is affecting FaceTime, whose affected are some users who still use the previous version of the mobile operating system of the company of the bitten apple , iOS 6. The Apple support forums are smoking.

According to the users themselves, they cannot make or receive calls through the FaceTime service. There is no signal or warning from the company itself about a possible error in its infrastructure and, most curiously, users who have their computers governed by iOS 7 use this service without any problem .

iOS 6 Users Report FaceTime Bugs
iOS 6 Users Report FaceTime Bugs


There is no clear pattern of operation – or malfunction – as users with version 6.1.6 have been able to use FaceTime, unlike some users with 6.0.1 who have been unable to. Undoubtedly, it is a somewhat anomalous behavior that is causing temporary failure of FaceTime for iOS 6 users.

Those affected have not only flooded the company’s support forums but have also contacted the Apple experts directly and on most occasions, they have recommended that they upgrade their computers to iOS 7 to solve the problem. One solution I call, to get out of the way .

It is clear that the guys from the technical support of the Californian company are as lost as the users themselves because of this operating error that FaceTime is having and, above all, the randomness of this one. It could well be a one-time bug, a temporary interruption, or something more serious that, coincidentally, only affects users who are still using iOS 6. We will have to give it a few days to see if they can restore the service and get it fully working for all users

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