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iOS 6 Maps is no longer the most powerful and beautiful mapping app

After all the hype around iOS 6 maps, Apple has decided to back off. After the rushed launch of the mapping service, we now have more news related to this issue. In addition to the famous letter of apology recently sent by Tim Cook, the apple company seems to retract some recent statements it made about the quality of its maps. In Applesupportphonenumber we want you to be informed about everything.

These are not good times for the Maps application included in iOS 6. After several failed attempts to convince users that the maps were not that bad, Tim Cook has been forced to release a letter apologizing for the inaccuracy of the maps. But it doesn’t stop there.

iOS 6 Maps is no longer the most powerful and beautiful mapping app
iOS 6 Maps is no longer the most powerful and beautiful mapping app

Apple has been forced to make a change of strategy in the promotion of the application , forced by the current circumstances. If we were already surprised that Tim Cook recommended users to use competing mapping services, now the description on Apple’s official website has been changed.

Before the publication of the letter of apology, the maps were promoted as follows. In yellow, the part dedicated to the power and beauty of the maps.

The Maps application has been designed entirely by Apple and offers you turn-by-turn voice directions, interactive 3D views and the impressive Flyover feature. Maybe that’s why this app is the most complete and spectacular map service ever.

After the publication of the letter of apology, the yellow underlined part has been removed:… All of which may just make this app the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever “, replacing it with ” … All in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease. “. If we translate the latter, it now turns out that the maps are presented in a vector-based interface that we can easily zoom in on. They are no longer beautiful… What a disappointment!

Result: Apple making the biggest fool of himself . It is true that Tim Cook’s letter of apology can be considered an act of honesty, as well as the rectification of the map description, but what many of us find intolerable is that Apple has launched its own mapping service without foreseeing the negative consequences that it could have if it went wrong . Some people may think that this is normal, but those of us who have known Apple for a long time find it very unpleasant. To make matters worse, they still dare to say that we users are responsible for improving the application because, of course, the more we use it, the more errors will be fixed. And they expect us, as good fanboys , to use an application that is still in its infancy and is not at all reliable.

With me they have made a mistake, and with you?

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