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iOS 6 is found in 93% of iDevices

Just a few days before the WWDC keynote, we received some interesting information about Apple’s mobile operating system. When iOS6 was released last June, a large majority of users complained about the lack of new features that it included. Not that Apple is exactly known for including a lot of new features in its renewals, but the new languages of Siri, Passbook and some new maps that didn’t work as well as they should, seemed a bit limited to be a new iOS update.

The latest data reveals that iOS 6 is on 93% of iOS devices

With this general dissatisfaction in the environment, it was assumed that perhaps the degree of upgrade to the new version of iOS would be somewhat less than on previous occasions, we were wrong. Now, the Chitika company has conducted a thorough analysis and the data could not be more revealing: 93% of iOS devices are upgraded to some version of iOS 6.

iOS 6 is found in 93% of iDevices
iOS 6 is found in 93% of iDevices

The company examined the iOS data a few days before Apple’s expected keynote and found that the system has grown by 10% in recent months, reaching 92.7% of installations. This is something we already noticed in March, when it was announced that 83.1% of all traffic generated in North America comes from iOS devices.

Analyzing this data, we conclude that iOS users are more likely to upgrade their devices than those on other platforms. But within this trend, we find that iPhone users have been more inclined to install iOS 6 than iPad users. One possible explanation could be found in the new features of iOS 6, which are more oriented towards mobile use. For example, the ability to use FaceTime on mobile networks. This excludes all those iPad models that only have Wifi.

What could happen with iOS 7? Basically two things. Either the new design and functionality will be a success and the high rate of device upgrades will be maintained, or such a radical change in the look of the operating system will not convince a significant portion of users and those statistics will decline. We should not forget that many people are satisfied with the overall look of iOS.

As we could read on iPhone in Canada, next Monday we will go out and finally we will be able to see the expected iOS 7. Only time will tell.

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