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iOS 6 is already on over 80% of iOS Devices


After the release of iOS 6.1.1 just two weeks after the arrival of iOS 6.1, the people of Chitika wanted to check the status of the penetration of the current iOS version 6 on supported devices.

iOS 6 is already on over 80% of iOS Devices
iOS 6 is already on over 80% of iOS Devices

To do this, the company took a sample of several million ad impressions from its ad network in the US and Canada over the past 24 hours. The sample only included information on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the devices that are compatible with these versions of the operating system.

The result obtained is, to say the least, curious. More than 80% of the iOS devices that accessed the ads during the period analyzed correspond to devices with one of the versions of iOS 6 that have been released so far. Taking into account the bad reviews received by this version of the operating system due to the maps problems, it is a really impressive figure, don’t you think?

iOS 6 is already present in over 80% of supported devices

According to Chitika’s data, as of February, web printouts from devices running iOS 6 accounted for 81.1% of all iOS device traffic. Not bad considering that this version of the operating system has only been available for five months, penetration has certainly been very, very fast.

In terms of the percentage of devices with each iOS version, there are not too many surprises. iOS 6.1.1 is only present on 1.4% of devices, which is quite normal considering that it is only compatible with iPhone 4S. iOS 6.0 and iOS 6.1 share most of the pie.

There is no doubt that Apple’s global update method is working very well and that the OTA (Over The Air) updates are helping users to install new versions sooner. We users adopt the new versions pretty quickly and despite the initial bad reviews it seems that iOS 6 is working really well. Possibly the arrival of Evasi0n also has something to do with the amount of devices that have already been updated, many people were waiting for the iOS 6 Jailbreak and after its arrival a few days ago, along with the release of Google Maps a few weeks ago there is no reason for people not to update to the current iOS version.

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