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iOS 6 Features – The Ultimate Listing

As we all know already, Apple introduced last week the new version of iOS, iOS 6 . And although it is not as big an update as its predecessor, includes a lot of new features .


iOS 6 Features – The Ultimate Listing
iOS 6 Features – The Ultimate Listing

We’ve already talked about some of the new features in iPadizate , but we wanted to make a definitive list of the most significant new features . Some of them you know will be specific to certain devices, so you’d better check compatibility .

Phone (iPhone)

The phone application receives a slight update in iOS 6, with a new look and the inclusion of the ability to decline phone calls, respond with a predefined or custom text message, and set a callback alert.


In iOS 6 the large social network is fully integrated into the system just as Twitter was in the previous version. So, we can see:

  • Photo Upload: Users will be able to publish photos on the social network directly from the “Photos” application.
  • Update Status: Users will be able to update their Facebook status from the Notification Center.
  • “Like”: Now we can mark “like” directly on apps, books, and even the iTunes Store.


The Apple video call application will receive in iOS 6 two new features very much expected by all:

  • FaceTime over 3G: The possibility of using FaceTime with the 3G network is implemented and not only over Wifi as it is currently the case.
  • Apple ID and Number Unification: Starting with iOS 6, Apple ID and phone number are unified, so you can make FaceTime calls with either one.


Apple’s Voice Assistant was one of the big stars of the Keynote and you’ll get a great update on iOS 6, which can answer questions on new topics like

  • Restaurants: Siri can now search for restaurants based on criteria such as price, terrace availability, location or type of cuisine. You can also show us customer reviews and even make reservations using the OpenTable service.
  • Movies: With iOS 6, Siri Assistant can search for movie schedules, data and trailers, as well as ratings and reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes service.
  • Sports: Siri will now be able to tell us sports results, match schedules and team information for Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey and Football.
  • Launch applications: Users can now launch applications just by telling Siri.
  • Siri for iPad: From version 6 onwards we can use Siri on the iPad too.

Siri video on iOS 6


The big news of iOS 6. The Maps application has been completely redesigned and now uses own maps with new features :

  • 3D mode: Thanks to C3 Technologies’ 3D technology, the Maps application will show 3D models of buildings, points of interest and monuments.
  • Voice instructions: Users will now be able to hear voice instructions for navigation.
  • Traffic: With iOS 6 Maps we will have real time traffic analysis with notifications of accidents, construction sites, etc. The application will calculate the best alternative route taking into account these notifications.

iOS 6 Mapping Demo


The Clock application will also be enhanced:

  • MP3 alarm tones: In iOS 6 you can use your MP3 songs as an alarm tone.
  • New iPad application: Finally we will have a native Clock application on the iPad. It seems silly but some of us missed it.


Safari will receive some interesting improvements:

  • Tabs in iCloud: If you open a new tab in your desktop browser, it will automatically open in iOS Safari.
  • Offline Reading: Apple has seen the success of applications such as Instantpaper or Read Me Later and has decided to implement offline reading directly in Safari.
  • File upload: Users can upload photos and videos to websites directly from Safari.
  • Full Screen: The iPhone and iPod Touch will now be able to view websites in full screen mode.

Safari on iOS 6


There are no new features as such in the Photos application, but we will have some changes:

  • New “Share” menu: When integrating Facebook it is logical that this menu changes something. Now we can share photos on Facebook and other services directly from the Photo application.
  • Sharing photos in streaming: Now we can share our photos more easily with other Apple devices and even via the web.


Passbook is a new application that will include iOS 6 and with which we will be able to organize our cards, coupons, tickets or air or train tickets .


The application Mail will be another one that will not receive major changes, but if some new feature:

  • VIP Lists: We can define VOP contacts whose emails we will receive in our own inbox and they will also be highlighted.
  • Drag to update: Just like in the browser, we can now update the inbox by dragging down the application window.
  • Attendings: With iOS 6 we will be able to attach photos and videos to emails without leaving the Mail application.

App Store

Apple’s app store will also receive a complete redesign, as will the iTunes music store and the iBook store. The company ensures that the stores will be more visually appealing and easier to find. In addition, it will no longer be closed when you touch ” Install ” an application.

New Video App Store


Apart from the applications, we’ll also see some modifications in the part of iOS 6:

  • “Do Not Disturb”: New feature that allows us to turn off all notifications and alerts with a simple gesture. You can also select which contacts you do NOT want to mute.
  • Bluetooth relocation: The Bluetooth settings have been moved to the main Settings tab for faster access.
  • Government alerts: Country or region-specific government alerts may be activated.
  • Privacy settings: Now users will be able to see what data each application can access and have the possibility to disable it.


In addition to the above, we will have other new features or changes that are worth highlighting:

  • Change the color of the status bar.
  • Independent Podcast application.
  • New Emoji icons.
  • New” label in applications.
  • Streaming and downloading songs on iTunes Match.
  • The “spiral” that comes out when you turn off your computer updates to the retina screen.
  • Customized dictionary with synchronization through iCloud
  • New interface for the Music application.

These are the highlights of the new iOS 6 . Did we leave any out, are you missing anything? Feel free to leave your comments.

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