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iOS 5, fifteen new features in addition to the ten officially presented and first image gallery

Although Apple focused during yesterday’s presentation on only ten of the main new features that iOS 5 will have, it also mentioned in passing many others about which we have been able to expand some information thanks to the first news that we have received from the developers who are already testing the new version of the apple’s mobile operating system. The final version will feature over 200 new features but what do you say we go ahead and take a look at some of these additional features of iOS 5 ?

  • AirPlay Mirroring to view anything we do on our iPad 2 directly on our living room TV – wirelessly via Apple TV.
  • Ability to create writing shortcuts (automatic text) to replace with custom phrases. For example, that every time we write “bye” this word is replaced by a proper greeting accompanied by our full signature. The Japanese Emoji emoticons can be easily activated without the need to resort to any external application and the integrated dictionary can be customized so that it does not correct that word that we use every day but for some reason insists on replacing it with another.
  • We can customize your voicemail ringtones, email, and calendar alerts, as well as purchase more ringtones from the iTunes Tone Store. We can also
  • choose from different ones create our own vibration patterns and adjust the LED flash to flash when called or an alarm sounds.

  • Do you remember the multi-touch gestures in the testing phase (which can be activated by a trick we already mentioned) to move from one active application to another, to show the multi-touch bar or to exit an application? Well, iOS 5 will have them activated by default.
  • Mail offers a number of improvements including the ability to drag email addresses, format our text with bold, italics and underline, adjust the indentation, search all the content of the emails applying different conditions, group conversations, mark important emails… In addition, offline operation has also been improved and SMIME (secure mail) standard support has been added.
  • Two other new features in the iPad version of Mail that other applications can also benefit from are a split keyboard for comfortable thumb typing and the ability to display the mailing list column (in the case of Mail) in portrait mode by dragging your finger from the left margin to the right to see it as in landscape mode rather than as a floating menu.
  • The new Notification Center can be configured to choose the number of recent notifications to be displayed (1, 5 or 10), whether or not they are shown on the lock screen, and the type of notification (banner at the top or alert as before). It also allows us to see in real time the price of our shares (e.g.) in the stock market and the current time, always having it at hand by just sliding your finger from the top to the bottom.
  • iOS 5, fifteen new features in addition to the ten officially presented and first image gallery
    iOS 5, fifteen new features in addition to the ten officially presented and first image gallery


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  • Game Center now allows you to add photos to your user profile, offers easier ways to locate friends and new games, and has support for turn-based multiplayer games (like 99% of board games).
  • FaceTime video quality has been improved and it is now possible to receive invitations in the middle of a call and choose our caller ID (phone number or email). iMessage has a direct access to FaceTime to quickly initiate a video call with the person we are exchanging messages with.
  • The ability of iOS 5 to update itself wirelessly (there is an option in the settings to check if we have the latest version), to perform Delta updates (i.e. instead of downloading the entire application again, only the changed portion is downloaded), and to sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi when we put the device in to load.
  • As you know, the camera has been greatly improved and now has guides to help us with the rule of thirds, options to lock focus and exposure by holding down an area and shortcuts to open the Camera application from the lock screen or activate the shutter release with the volume button but Photos doesn’t fall behind either and in addition to the new features presented in detail (basically, editing, reframing and improving photos) it also allows you to move and add photos to albums and create new ones on the fly without having to go through the Mac.
  • New music application for iPad with improved syncing of iTunes Smart Lists and the ability to delete songs using a side-slip gesture as with playlists.
  • Accessibility improvements with VoiceOver allowing for example the reading of a selected text.
  • And finally, other small improvements in the support of PDF files, the OpenGL ES 2.0 API, alternative routes in Maps or the possibility of fast forwarding and rewinding in content played by streaming.

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