iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: new emojis

Emojis are undoubtedly a great way to communicate in a fun way with other people and to give a characteristic and relaxed touch to a conversation. The library of these emojis is evolving little by little and the new additions that will arrive in this 2020 have already been spread.

From Unicode they have presented 117 new emojis that will arrive at the end of the year on iPhone, iPad and Mac before the end of this year. This information has come from the hand of Emojipedia as it is already traditional and will certainly give very good news to those emoji lovers.

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: new emojis
iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: new emojis

In version 13.0 we will be able to see new funny emojis such as animals like cats, bears or seals. In addition, the inclusion of food and drink emojis such as bubble tea is also highlighted. In addition to this we must add that they continue to make progress towards gender equality in emojis, which is a practice we already saw in version 12.0 presented last year. Although without a doubt the great protagonist of this new version will be the ‘Italian hand’ that will be widely used, we don’t have a problem with it.

If you are curious to see the new additions that will arrive in 2020, you can take a first look at them in this video.

Since Apple usually include these new emojis in major operating system updates. These as we well know end up arriving in autumn and this year we will see these 117 new icons on our iPhone and iPad with iOS 14 and iPad 14.

As we say, there are many people who are getting used to communicate with emojis as they make the conversations much more enjoyable. Expressing yourself with an emoji at the end of a sentence makes things less serious and that is why we are undoubtedly very happy to see this evolution. In the field of transgender and gender inclusion we can see things as interesting as a man in a wedding dress , a girl in a tuxedo or a father giving a bottle to his son . If society is evolving, so are conversations, and this should also be noted in the emojis that are a fundamental part of communicating with other users.

We will be waiting for the launch of these new emojis to be able to use them in our teams although, as we say, we must wait until the end of the year.

And you, what do you think of these new additions? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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