iOS 13 will be very focused on the iPad according to Mark Gurman

The technology gurus are already thinking about iOS 13 , when we have not yet seen iOS 12 which will be presented at WWDC 2018. This is basically because iOS 12 will have hardly any news according to various leaks , focusing on performance, leaving most of the features for iOS 13. Today Mark Gurman has given his prediction of what will be incorporated in the 2019 iPhone and iPad operating system update, and we have to say that it will be not few news especially for the iPad.

Gurman has published a tweet in which he gives his prediction of what we will see in iOS 13. The most important new feature will be the renewed Files application designed to improve productivity on the iPad and making it very similar to the one we currently see in macOS. Also expected to see Split View to be able to pass between applications in a very fast way and improvements in the Apple Pencil.

iOS 13 will be very focused on the iPad according to Mark Gurman
iOS 13 will be very focused on the iPad according to Mark Gurman

These novelties so focused on the iPad are very interesting and we believe that they will become a reality basically because of the growth that the iPad is having as we saw yesterday. It’s obvious that people are starting to integrate the iPad into their lives and an improvement of its functionalities with iOS 13 would be a very good idea.

iOS 11 has also been very focused on the iPad without a doubt , and they probably wanted to continue expanding the features on the iPad in a next update that should have been iOS 12, but because of all the performance issues we have seen they have probably postponed it until iOS 13.

Mark Gurman believes that in iOS 12 the only important new thing we will see are multi-platform applications. That is, being able to run macOS applications on iOS and vice versa, although there are very different opinions on whether it will be presented or not, and whether it will be this year or next.

If we keep talking about iOS 12, the news we will see according to most rumours are more animojis on both iPhone and iPad, FaceTime animojis support, better parental controls and an improved version of the “Do Not Disturb” option . To all this we must add the stability that will be a novelty that will sell us without a doubt when it should be something that comes integrated in any update.

Without a doubt, Apple wants to bet on the iPad to replace the Mac among users who only do office tasks or students who take notes, and that is why iOS 13 will give us even more tools to take advantage of it.

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