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iOS 13 exceeds 80% share among iPhones within hours of iOS 14 launch

Los nuevos dispositivos que Apple podría presentar en la WWDC20

Todos estos datos han sido tomados a partir de las estadísticas de uso de la App Store en todo el mundo, y muestran como Apple sigue siendo ejemplar a la hora de mantener el soporte de software a sus productos. Un compromiso que tendrán que reafirmar en la keynote del próximo lunes, con el anuncio de las próximas versiones del sistema. Al final, no solo es cuestión de que los usuarios puedan acceder a las últimas novedades, sino de mantener su seguridad y una buena experiencia de uso.

iOS 13 exceeds 80% share among iPhones within hours of iOS 14 launch
iOS 13 exceeds 80% share among iPhones within hours of iOS 14 launch

We can already count the hours remaining until WWDC, in fact, when this article is published there will be just over 38 hours left until the start of the conference’s opening keynote. Thus, nothing is missing to know the great news of the next big updates of Apple’s operating systems. And, as expected, one of the protagonists will be iOS , which could precisely start to be called iPhoneOS again from next Monday.

However, what will arrive on Monday will only be a beta version of the system, a preview of what we can expect. The vast majority of iOS users will have to wait until September or October to be able to start using it. Luckily, they will be able to enjoy iOS 13 in the meantime, which has so far proved to be a fairly stable version and is still defending itself against the day-to-day work of its millions of users with considerable solvency. More and more with each patch.

And precisely with regard to this version, the latest data on the percentage of users who have made the leap to this version since its launch have been available. And according to Apple’s official developer website, 81% of all active iPhones and iPod Touches now use iOS 13 , along with 73% of iPads, which now use iPadOS 13. And if we focus only on devices launched in the last four years, the figures increase to 92% and 93%, respectively.

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