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iOS 13 concept with new features we love

The iOS 13 launch is just around the corner and we will soon be able to witness the new features we will have on our iPhone and iPad over the next few months. While we wait, many designers are turning all the rumors of this long-awaited update into concepts that leave us amazed. On this occasion, we have received the concept for iOS 13 from an incredible designer, Álvaro Pabesio, who has made us fall in love , and we can only ask Apple to come up with these ideas that we present to you below.

In this render that you can find in Behance, along with many others, we see a very changed iOS 13 and above all with new features focused on the iPad. The idea of this designer is that the iPad can act as a computer, something that they want to sell us from Apple. On the main screen of the iPad we would have a real desktop as in macOS to be able to distribute our files and the applications would be on a Launchpad as in macOS.

iOS 13 concept with new features we love
iOS 13 concept with new features we love

The way it works is similar to the way we work on a Mac, which is something that attracts a lot of attention. We also appreciate a new redesigned control center that gives us much more information and will ultimately make us much more productive.

A file manager, the novelty we are all waiting for in iOS 13

Something that many professionals have demanded from Apple is a true file manager on the iPad. Currently the ‘Files’ application has many shortcomings and we hope to finally see a real Finder on iOS.

In this concept we can see an n ueva application of Files that ends up unifying the locations, the labels, the services and the external devices that we have connected like a hard disk or a camera. This will make it much easier to get documents or video files from an external device that we can connect to our iPad, something that right now is very restricted to photos and not at all intuitive as it does not integrate with Files but with Photos.

Productivity will be the main objective of this generation of operating system since we will be able to have numerous tools in a drop-down menu next to each of the files. Among these options we would find the possibility of renaming them, duplicating them, previewing them…

The use of peripherals on the iPad is currently restricted to keyboards only, but iOS 13 may add new accessibility features that allow us to connect a mouse to the iPad to work. Here we’ll start talking about how the iPad Pro looks like a real computer.

The Dark Mode would be another of the star innovations of iOS 13 according to this concept in order to take care of our eyes. Native iOS applications would be perfectly integrated with this dark mode, but it’s already something that is said to come every year and never does. Will 2019 be the year Apple chooses to integrate it into iOS 13?

After these important new features, the designer highlights the following improvements that are of interest to us:

  • Redesign of the ‘Reminders’ application. It is proposed that the tasks should be grouped in ‘Today’, ‘Scheduled’ and ‘Pending’, in addition to adding an indicator of progress of the mother task.
  • Redesign of the Music application, with better recommendations based on musical tastes, a much simpler interface of the albums offering information about them.
  • Redesign of the Mail application. We’re all asking for the native Mail service to be much smarter with smart inboxes as we see in Spark or other third-party applications. It is also suggested that there is better integration with Siri or that we can digitally sign through our face or fingerprint important documents.
  • Downloads tab in Safari so we can get the files we download in Safari on our iPhone or iPad to a popular site.
  • More discreet volume indicator on the left side.

Next June 3rd we will get rid of doubts regarding what we will see from iOS 13, but we hope that it will come a little closer to the concept that the Spanish designer Álvaro Pabesio has proposed, a very young designer who aspires to a lot in this sector.

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