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iOs 13.5 seems to improve the battery of some iPhones

The iOS 13.5 update is now available for download and although there are 6 main new features in this version. Battery performance has also improved on some iPhone models.

iOS 13.5

Almost a week since the release of iOS 13.5, it is even known that this version supports a new Jailbreak.

iOs 13.5 seems to improve the battery of some iPhones
iOs 13.5 seems to improve the battery of some iPhones

And while it has already been clarified that unlocking Face ID with a mask is not possible with iOS 13.5, it is now time to discuss a detail that could not be overlooked. Apparently the battery has been improved with this update .

Battery with iOS 13.5

The battery improvement on certain iPhones was noticeable since beta 3 , but with iOS version 13.5 users in general can already have better performance and longer life on some models. This gain can mainly be distinguished on the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR , while on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro the changes are actually minimal compared to the previous version.

It still remains for some equipment to confirm with tests that this improvement in battery performance is real and not just perceptions of some users.

If you have problems with your iPhone’s battery , we recommend that you monitor and evaluate its performance under “Settings> Battery> Battery Health”. Checking the condition and possible wear and tear will help the situation to be fixed or improved. If the problem persists, you can try to reverse it with these tips for the most common iPhone battery issues.

It is important to upgrade to iOS 13.5 if your device is compatible, because in addition to fixing bugs and offering some new features, it helps the iPhone’s battery. Upgrades are definitely one of the most helpful ways to extend the life of an iPhone.

You can perform the update from your device by going to “Settings> General> Software update” or you can also perform it from your computer. Remember to make a backup in case the new system installation fails.