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iOS 13.3 arrives to solve an annoying iOS 13.2 bug

I’m sure many of you have noticed that since upgrading to iOS 13.2 you have a problem with multitasking that is quite frustrating. If you haven’t noticed it, it’s the bug that causes an application to completely restart when left to multitask . For example, when we’re watching a video on YouTube and we go out to answer a WhatsApp and then go back to that video, it shows us the main YouTube screen. This annoying bug seems to be and has been fixed in the iOS 13.3 developer beta that was recently released.

This bug is related to the operating system’s management of RAM which causes applications such as YouTube or Safari to reload frequently or causes applications to close in the background.

iOS 13.3 arrives to solve an annoying iOS 13.2 bug
iOS 13.3 arrives to solve an annoying iOS 13.2 bug

Some iPhone users in the MacRumors forum describe the bug as follows:

I was watching a YouTube video on my iPhone 11 Pro . I paused the video to respond to a text message. I was in iMessage less than a minute. When I returned to YouTube, it reloaded the app and I lost the video I was watching. I also noticed this on my iPad Pro . App and Safari tabs reload much more often than in iOS 12.

After installing the iOS 13.3 beta many users have already reported that this problem has been solved . In my particular case I have already been able to test this beta and also suffered from this annoying bug has been solved in most cases, although there are still some moments where if there is an abrupt reloading of some web pages.

But what is really important is that Apple is working on solving this annoying bug in a major operating system update. Obviously we are in a first beta and it is still hasty to talk about it being totally solved, but the attempt is there which is the important thing.

In addition to fixing this bug, there are also some interesting changes in this third iOS 13.3 beta such as the possibility of setting limits on contacts in the ‘Time of Use’ tab. This new feature is also extremely important for our children as we will be able to impose some limits on the people who can contact them. To this we must also add the possibility of removing the Memojis keyboard, which some may not have been convinced of. Without a doubt, we are seeing betas with very subtle but interesting improvements in order to have an operating system at the end of the year that is as polished as possible and that offers us optimum performance.

We don’t yet know exactly when the final version of iOS 13.3 will be released, but we think it will be all this November in development and we would see it as early as December or January 2020.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about the resolution of this bug, did you suffer from it?