iOS 13.3.1 Beta 3, iPadOS 13.3.1 and more now available

After a break from Apple’s developers during the Christmas season, new betas for their operating systems were released last week. Today this path continues and we are already in the third beta version of iOS 13.3.1, iPadOS 13.3.1 and probably in a few minutes with the rest of the operating systems.

What’s new in iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1 beta 3

If you already have the second iOS 13.3.1 or iPadOS 13.3.1 betas installed, you can upgrade to the latest version by clicking on Settings>General>Software Update. Although don’t expect big news because these betas, as we always emphasize, usually have few visual novelties. Most of the changes in the software are introduced in the big versions that are released in autumn. That’s why iOS 13.3.1 doesn’t bring any big changes that would mean a major change for users, although this doesn’t mean that they come empty.

iOS 13.3.1 Beta 3, iPadOS 13.3.1 and more now available
iOS 13.3.1 Beta 3, iPadOS 13.3.1 and more now available

Beyond the usual innovations in terms of safety and performance improvements, these betas are leaving us something to be proud of. One of them, and that we already saw in the second beta, is the solution to privacy issues that had been detected in some iPhone models. Although this was not recognized as a serious bug by Apple, the truth is that they are right to solve it.

For the iPad, there are no new highlights either, although an improvement in battery life is expected. In iPadOS 13.3 some consumption issues have been reported in minority, so it is likely that this update already fixes them completely.

When will these versions officially come out?

It is common for new versions of Apple operating systems to be in beta for about a month. The case of these is somewhat different, taking into account that there has been a holiday period in between. However, it would not be unreasonable for users to receive the definitive version next week . At the latest, it could be released in the first week of February , as by then there would have been four betas released and it would seem to be more than enough.

Regarding the question you probably have, if this beta is recommended , the answer is no. Not that the performance of this one is bad, but keep in mind that a beta version is always more unstable and can have some bugs and tedious problems such as app closures and unexpected restarts. So we recommend to wait to get iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1 officially. However, at your own risk, you can test this version by following the steps we indicated in the post where we explained how to test betas on an iPhone and iPad.

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