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iOS 12 tells us that the next iPad will feature a “Notch”

Yesterday Apple finally revealed all the details about iOS 12 and the other operating systems. After announcing this new generation of software, Apple released the first beta of iOS 12, which you can also install even if you are not a developer as we told you in this post. But besides throwing us new features that we summarized yesterday, this new version of the operating system for the iPad has shown that the future tablet of the company will incorporate a notch as the iPhone X.

The vast majority of rumours pointed to an iPad Pro with a notch similar to that of the iPhone X in order to incorporate Face ID technology with the aim of removing the Touch ID and being able to unlock the device using the facial recognition that arrived in September with the iPhone X.

iOS 12 tells us that the next iPad will feature a “Notch”
iOS 12 tells us that the next iPad will feature a “Notch”

Now with iOS 12 it seems that the design of the next iPad Pro will be as all the rumors point out: similar to that of the iPhone X. This is basically because we have been able to appreciate when installing the beta on our iPad as the time that appeared previously in the center of the top has moved to the left leaving the center completely empty to accommodate a future notch. You can see this in the following image collected by MacRumors:

In addition we have also seen an update in the gestures when using the iPad resembling those we have in our iPhone X. If we slide down from the top right corner we’ll display the control centre , instead of having to scroll with our finger from bottom to top.

Obviously this can be a simple unification of gestures to avoid that users who have an iPhone X and an iPad do not have to change the chip every time they pick up one device or another. Although in my opinion they are preparing to make a launch in the next months of a new iPad Pro similar to the iPhone X.

Leave us your thoughts on this iOS 12 update in the comment box. Will we see a new iPad Pro with notch?