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iOS 12 is already present on over 80% of supported devices

It has been more than four months since iOS 12 was officially launched. In this new version of the system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, some more remarkable developments were “sacrificed” in order to promise a stable system after a rather controversial iOS 11 in terms of performance. The reality is that this system has managed to convince many users and therefore we have been able to know that this system is already installed in 83% of the devices that Apple has launched for 4 years.

The statistics provided by Apple on the App Store support page for developers has allowed us to see an interesting graph, also published by MacRumors, in which we see how 83% of the devices launched in the last 4 years . A 12% is still on iOS 11 while the remaining 5% has iOS 10 or an earlier version on its Apple equipment.

iOS 12 is already present on over 80% of supported devicesiOS 12 is already present on over 80% of supported devices

Looking now at the total number of devices, not just those released in recent years, we see that it is 80% that already has the latest version of iOS software. The 12% and 8% remaining belong to iOS 11 and earlier versions respectively.

We also note that the adoption rate of iOS 12 is constantly growing r and that at the beginning of January it was 78% of users with a mobile phone launched in recent years that already carried iOS 12. This makes us see how in recent weeks this percentage has grown by 5%.

All this happens despite the fact that we have found serious bugs in iOS 12 such as the famous FaceTime bug that allowed us to see and hear the callers in a group call even before accepting the call. Although it is worth mentioning that Apple immediately reacted by suspending the group calls and later releasing an update that completely solved it. Also the connection failures with WiFi networks and mobile data are being protagonists lately.

However, as we have already said on some occasions, it is advisable to update the device whenever a new update is released and this is because, beyond any possible visual novelties it may incorporate, these bring important error corrections and security improvements.

We hope that iOS 13 will end up improving the bugs present in iOS 12 and that it will finally come up with some remarkable new features that are highly requested by users. And hopefully these news can be some like the ones we showed in a recent post in which we saw a wish list of our readers.