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iOS 12 allows you to restrict the time of use to integrated children “In Family”.

One of the improvements that will be included in iOS 12 within a few days officially will be “Usage Times”. Thanks to this new feature we can control the time and usage we make with certain applications, as well as apply restrictions.

If we belong to a family group where we are administrators and there are minors in it, we have the opportunity to check the use they have been making of their device, including applying the restrictions remotely.

iOS 12 allows you to restrict the time of use to integrated children “In Family”.iOS 12 allows you to restrict the time of use to integrated children “In Family”.

The latter is one of the requests made by investors to Apple to stop the addiction of the iPhone among its users. In addition to applying greater protocols to control children who are beginning to experiment with some of the brand’s devices.

Usage times with iOS 12

Apple took very seriously the recommendations of the investors, where they have added clear and simple parameters to control the time we are in front of the screen of our device.

Among the details that iOS 12 allows us to obtain are weekly reports, uptime, app usage limits, content restrictions, and the ability to add a lock code .

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We can apply all this for ourselves, but also individually for the younger ones who are in our family group. The “Usage times” section is available from Settings , just below “Do not disturb”.

To visualize the time of use, we can group them in categories, applications and most used websites. In the “By categories” mode , these will refer to the same categories that we can find applications in the App Store, such as Social Networking, Entertainment or Productivity.

Apply for a limited time

If we want to apply a specific time limit for the applications we use the most or directly through groups of categories, we have the opportunity to do so simply by clicking on them . In addition to applying a series of restrictions on Purchases, Applications or the type of content.

In the case of the youngest ones in our family group, we have to click on their users to mark a start time and an end time. This is the time that we will allow you to interact with the selected applications . Thanks to the integration of the family group, we can manage it from a distance.

The usage limit is fully customizable, we can apply it to all applications and in individual categories. Another interesting function is the possibility of adding the exact time that we want the applications to be operational. This time ranges from 1 minute to 23:59 hours.

Content and privacy

This section is quite interesting, if we want to be sure that the smaller ones don’t download applications or films not suitable for them or with a cost , we can also apply a restriction.

Privacy is also an important point in the digital age, but it’s true that children don’t usually think much about it (although we explain it to them and repeat it several times), so that’s where the way to restrict privacy parameters comes in.

To make sure our little one doesn’t break the rules, we have to activate a lock code . But not everything will be so strict, if by chance some application or content is suitable for him and iOS detects it as inappropriate, he can request that we give him authorization to download it.

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This process is also very simple, when the child sends us an authorization request, we will get a notification on our iCloud connected devices to confirm or decline the download.

With every update (both developer and public version) new features are coming in, plus some bug fixes to keep all these features improving until the final version of iOS 12 is reached.

What do you think about these new features of iOS 12? Do you think they will be sufficient for the demands of the users who demanded them?