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iOS 12.1 beta goes off the rails

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In a sign that suggests that everything is going well for iOS 12, Apple released yesterday the first iOS 12.1 beta . Yes, it hasn’t been three days since the release of iOS 12 and we are already busy seeing what their first major update will bring. And as always, the developers have found some interesting details after digging around in their source code.

iOS 12.1 beta goes off the rails
iOS 12.1 beta goes off the rails

The first one is the possibility of identification using Face ID in landscape or horizontal mode , which has to be typical for an iPad that equips Face ID sensors and should be presented soon according to the rumors. In fact, the same beta already includes device identifiers labeled as “iPad2018Fall”.

In addition, according to developer Steve Troughton-Smith, this Face ID feature in landscape mode requires very specific hardware that would make it impossible to provide iPhone X, XR and XS with the feature. In other words: will be unique to the next generation iPad Pro .

Memojis in the cloud

Another interesting detail of the first beta of iOS 12.1 is the possibility of synchronizing the Memoji that we create in iCloud , to have them in all our compatible devices. At a data level it is not too much, it is just a matter of synchronizing the facial features of our Memoji since it is the device itself that is in charge of processing and generating the live image. Therefore it should not represent a storage problem.

Moreover, the simple presence of this function also tells us that the Memoji will soon arrive on the iPad. Why else would we want to sync them in iCloud when at the moment we only have them on the iPhone? Yes, we can talk about those who use two iPhones, but this is a type of user that is too specific for Apple to worry about synchronizing their Memoji.

FaceTime Group Call Return

Last but not least, iOS 12.1 beta 1 reopens the doors to FaceTime group calls . Apple removed this feature from the iOS 12 summer betas, probably after realizing that too many tweaks were needed to arrive in time for the system launch last Monday. So in keeping with new internal priorities, the developers delayed the release and it seems that we will finally see the arrival of iOS 12.1.

Anyway, we have to look at this from two perspectives. The optimistic one, which is counting on FaceTime in group to effectively arrive in a few weeks (which in turn would indicate a very small amount of errors to be solved in iOS 12)… or the pessimistic one, thinking that Apple will delay the function again towards future versions as it happened with the synchronization of messages in iOS 11. We are talking about betas, so Apple has all the right to do it.

Still, it has to be said that the return of FaceTime so soon in the betas is a very good sign . iOS 12 is receiving very good reviews for the performance increase in supported devices, and the fact that they can be tied together so quickly means that there is nothing that implies further delays in their development. Good work, Cupertino programmers.

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