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iOS 11 will allow us to better control the location used by our apps

Apple makes it clear to us that it is a company that cares about the security and privacy of users who own a device on the block, a fact that we check with the new regime of access to our location by third-party applications.

What changes does this bring?

Currently, in iOS 10, there are certain applications such as native ones that do allow us to select when they access our location, if ever or when we are using that App; but, on the other hand, there are many third-party applications that do not give us that option, but directly force us to disable access to the location or have it always active, with the consequences that this entails.

iOS 11 will allow us to better control the location used by our appsiOS 11 will allow us to better control the location used by our apps

Current location possibilities in certain third-party apps

This change, we suppose, will bring the satisfaction of almost all users, since we will have the possibility to select that the application obtains our location only while we are using it and not always.

What improvement or what consequences does this have?

The main consequence of this change that we will feel at first sight will be the increase in battery life, since having applications that are constantly making use of GPS to geoposition our location consumes battery, and a lot; therefore, we will be able to see a percentage increase in our battery life without having to resort to the so drastic solution of disabling the location for all the Apps.

On the other hand, as we said at the beginning of the post, our privacy will be increased to a certain degree, since we will not have to constantly share our location with certain applications, a fact that for some will be a trivial issue but for others, especially for technology enthusiasts, is a big step.

This is what the location options for apps on iOS 11 will look like

How to activate/deactivate location access

To deactivate or activate this function, we will have to go to Settings. Once here, we’ll go to the tab where it says Privacy, then to the first tab that appears, where it says Location; once here, we’ll be able to completely deactivate the access to our location or, on the contrary, deactivate the applications that we believe appropriate.

We recommend the second option, since we have an iPhone we are going to enjoy it.

We do recommend deactivating those where you are forced to choose between never or always, as having them active can diminish your battery performance.

And you, what do you think of this change? Do you think Cupertino’s boys are going in the right direction? Leave your opinion in the comment box

Source: MacRumors