iOS 11 reaches 85% adoption within days of iOS 12

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But before that happens, they wanted to take the opportunity to show the adoption rate of iOS 11, one year after its release for the general public. As of today, 85% of active iPhones and iPads have iOS 11 or any of its minor versions.

iOS 11 reaches 85% adoption within days of iOS 12
iOS 11 reaches 85% adoption within days of iOS 12

To obtain this data, Apple searches through the data returned by the App Store. That is, look at what version each of the devices on which an app has been installed in the last month is in. With this they can determine which versions are the most used by their users so that developers can better adapt their apps to these versions and reach these users.

That Apple achieves enviable adoption rates for Android or any other operating system has been obvious for years. However, here it is interesting to compare the data with those of previous versions. In the case of this year it is 85% of users in iOS 11, 10% of users in iOS 10 and 5% of users in previous versions . At this time last year 89% of users had iOS 10 installed. 4% more adoption, significant?

4% up or 4% down should not be, although in this case it is surprising. Few versions have been more controversial and problematic than iOS 11, but nevertheless, Apple has achieved adoption at the level of other years .

iOS 12 is expected to arrive in the coming weeks and adoption is expected to be even higher. It is a version that is compatible with all devices that are compatible with iOS 11 and is a version focused on improving operating system and device performance. We’ll see how it goes in a year’s time.

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