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iOS 11 is present on 85% of the devices that support it

Apple offered some quite interesting data, where they confirmed the increase of users towards iOS 11 , concretely up to 85% at the moment.

This number is quite high, where only 10% have been maintained in iOS 10 and 5% in another version of the mobile operating system from Apple . Here we have to count the devices that are functional but not compatible with iOS 11.

iOS 11 is present on 85% of the devices that support it
iOS 11 is present on 85% of the devices that support it

Despite the controversy with iOS 11 , users have decided to upgrade to the latest operating system of the Californians, where we insist that it is a really high number.

At the last developer event, Craig Federighi commented that they were aware of the problems that users were experiencing, where the decision of the next operating system would be to polish it to the max to avoid new bugs and improve the user experience. In addition to incorporating small and large improvements such as Shortcuts with Siri integrated. A really interesting novelty that will give a lot of play in the interaction of our devices.

iOS 11 is likely to go down in Apple’s history as one of the most challenging operating systems, though perhaps we can look at this as a positive development. Yes, a positive thing for Apple to slow down the updates with n ovality that we quickly stopped using to focus on the stability of the operating system itself. iOS 12 is fulfilling this goal, where we have seen the performance improvement since the first versions.

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We insist that the adaptation of iOS 11 is being really positive in terms of devices that have it currently installed, where we are almost sure that the new version that we could have new news of the launch next September 12, could even exceed this number.

How was your experience with iOS 11? Will you update iOS 12 as soon as it is released or wait for user feedback?

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