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iOS 11 is now installed on 65% of supported devices

Apple today updated the adoption rate for iOS 11, which is public to all developers. Since Cupertino has announced that the latest version of its operating system is now on 65% of the devices that connected to the App Store on January 18, 2018. This rate is well below the one iOS 10 had by this time, due to the major performance problems that the latest version of Apple’s operating system has brought.

The graph we have found in this support document for developers, you can see below, also showing the percentage of devices that have other versions of iOS.

iOS 11 is now installed on 65% of supported devices
iOS 11 is now installed on 65% of supported devices

You can see in this graph from Apple itself that iOS 11 is in 65% of the devices, iOS 10 in 28% and an earlier version of these two in 7% of the devices. All this is based on the entries in the App Store on June 18 as we can see at the bottom of the image.

Compared to the adoption rate of iOS 10 last year, the latest version of iOS is not being well received, as at the beginning of January 2017 iOS 10 was installed on 76% of devices.

We see that the speed of growth is very low, and now we obviously ask ourselves why is this so? Basically the reason lies in the ” fear ” that some users have about upgrading since the performance issues have been more than sound since we could start seeing iOS 11 running, something Apple must learn from iOS 12 that will be presented in very few months.

In the higher versions the lag has been reduced considerably, and as you know in Apple5x1 we always recommend to be in the latest version of the operating system basically so that you are safe. The security patches that are being added and that we don’t know for obvious reasons are basic to be able to navigate and use our device in a safe way, reducing notably that any smartass can get into it.

What do you think of this adoption rate? Do you think Apple should be self-critical?

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