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iOS 11 is currently on 76% of iPhone and iPad

iOS 11 is not the best operating system we have seen in our devices, but continues to grow by scaling up its expansion to compatible iPhone and iPad although at a slower speed than iOS 10 last year, something that is obvious as the stability that iOS 10 had invited many users to be encouraged to upgrade quickly and not think about it so much.

According to Apple’s own data, iOS 11 is present on 76% of the iPhone and iPad, a figure that has increased from the one we saw earlier this year where the adoption rate was 65% . If we compare it with the “rival” operating system, we see how Android Oreo is only present on 5% of the devices.

iOS 11 is currently on 76% of iPhone and iPad
iOS 11 is currently on 76% of iPhone and iPad

Obviously it is interesting to compare both operating systems and it is one of the reasons why Apple makes public this adoption rate, although it is only public for developers for strategic reasons. Although with this damage what they achieve is to get their chest in front of Android, since iOS updates has already become a reason to differentiate Apple from competitors.

As we can see from the graph above, iOS 11 has a big advantage over the other versions. Specifically, iOS 10 has an adoption rate of 19% and there are versions prior to this with a 5% presence , something that does not cease to amaze me, that someone still has iOS 9 or earlier in operation.

In the end we see how this rate will be reduced and much more spread over different versions, as older devices are not compatible with newer iOS versions for obvious reasons, although clearly users still use them. But this contradicts the idea that the iPhone 5s can still be compatible with iOS 12 as we already mentioned.

Did you dare to finally upgrade to iOS 11 now that it’s more stable? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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