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iOS 11 confirms that Apple has included wireless charging on iPhone 8

Since the release of the first iOS 11 beta developers have found several new hardware and software developments that will bring the renewal of the iPhone . During this last year, many have been the leaks related to the iPhone 8 that have given us an idea of how the next terminal would be.

Precisely now that we know roughly how this iPhone and some of its features will look like , the developers are relentlessly looking for any evidence that shows us any other novelty of the next smartphone of Cupertino’s people.

iOS 11 confirms that Apple has included wireless charging on iPhone 8
iOS 11 confirms that Apple has included wireless charging on iPhone 8

Today the big news comes from a developer who has discovered something new within the iOS 11 code , which could serve to confirm that the next iPhone would have a feature that until today has not been seen in any terminal of the people of the block.

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This feature is nothing more or less than the wireless charge that iPhone users have been waiting and asking for from Apple , no doubt very good news for those fans who are waiting for the departure of this terminal to get it.

We have learned about this when the YouTube channel MAKS+ has shown two totally different sounds for when we start loading our device . On the one hand we would have the usual sound that Apple has us accustomed to once we put our device to load, and also a new one that would serve to notify that our iPhone is loading wirelessly.

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No doubt this is great news for Apple users, who see how this technology comes to the iPhone after seeing it in other brands and even in the Apple Watch itself .

We’ll have to see how the Californians have added this new function to their terminal, and if this new sound really corresponds to this feature that has been rumoured for months, or corresponds to any other new feature.

What is more than clear is that Apple does not want to leave any loose ends with its iPhone 8, and it seems that this will be the most complete terminal of Cupertino’s people to date .

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