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iOS 10 notifications will also work without 3D Touch

During the presentation of iOS 10, Apple put a lot of emphasis on the new notification system. With the new operating system the notifications will be much more interactive and will give us access to many more features than we currently have.

The thing is that during the presentation we could see how it seemed necessary to have 3D Touch to access this feature . This would make interactive notifications compatible only with iPhone 6s and probably with the upcoming iPhone 7. The current iPads, even the newest ones, do not have this technology and let’s not talk about the old devices anymore.

iOS 10 notifications will also work without 3D Touch
iOS 10 notifications will also work without 3D Touch

In view of this situation, Apple has had to go out to clarify the matter and assure that although in the beta 1 of the operating system does not work yet, the interactive notifications will also be compatible with devices are 3D Touch .

At the moment we don’t know how it will work on these other devices, although logic tells us that it will work similar to the one that has integrated Instagram into its app. What the social network has done is simulate the 3D Touch with a long touch on the screen and Apple could well replicate this way of interacting with the notifications.

As usual in this type of situation we do not have, at the moment, any official confirmation of how it will work, but we do have it that the new notification system will be perfectly compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch ; whether they have 3D Touch or not.

Have you seen how the new notifications work? Here is a video with a small summary of some of its features:

What do you think of the new system that Apple has devised? It seems that the end of the small notification strips has arrived and the need to open a complete app with every notification received to perform certain tasks.

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