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iOS 10 May Have 3D Touch Features in the Control Center

We have been hearing about iOS 10, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system that will accompany the iPhone 7 when it hits the market in September. Previously we have made some compilation about the possible features of this version, but today we bring you a very interesting concept of iOS 10, as the creator has added 3D Touch features to the Control Center .

The 3D Touch is for now an exclusive feature for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but it is expected to be part of future smartphone models from now on. In case there are any clueless people, we can say that the 3D Touch allows to differentiate between different levels of pressure on the screen , which expands the functions and possibilities of the device.

iOS 10 May Have 3D Touch Features in the Control Center
iOS 10 May Have 3D Touch Features in the Control Center

Since its arrival, several designers have given free rein to their creativity and have shown concepts of how Apple could make 3D Touch more useful in iOS 10. And we must admit that some are very interesting, like the one we bring you below.

This is one of the first iOS 10 concepts to appear on the web in video, and the truth is that it doesn’t look bad at all. This designer named Sam Beckett has focused especially on the 3D Touch and has integrated it into the Control Center.

Thanks to the 3D Touch, the Control Center could offer the user new options by pressing any of the buttons that appear on it . And that’s not all, because as you can see in the video, in iOS 10 you could change the different elements that make up the Control Center using 3D Touch, and also arrange them to your liking so that you have more of what you use most at hand.

Many people think that Apple can get even more out of the 3D Touch, so it would not be surprising if they launch in iOS 10 some function related to this technology . Still, it seems quite complicated that Apple will offer the user the possibility to modify the Control Center at will.

The first details of iOS 10 will not be known until June when WWDC 2016 will be held and Apple will announce to the world its new version of the mobile operating system. Until then we will continue to see rumors and concepts of possible features that the company could include in this new iOS 10.

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