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iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra Public Beta downloads available

As announced by Apple at WWDC 16, after two betas for developers, the public beta for all users has finally arrived . It has now been officially released and can be downloaded free of charge to our iOS device. You can also download the corresponding beta for Mac computers for free. What should we look out for?

iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra Beta available now

A few days ago they launched the last beta of developers. As we mentioned before, they came with several new features in the graphical interface , although the strong point of the second beta was to fix the errors of the first one and optimize the operating system.

iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra Public Beta downloads available
iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra Public Beta downloads available

As the title states, from today onwards anyone can have access to the beta. Please note that is not the final version of the system. One of the features of any beta is that all users can enjoy it and report any bugs or improvements. When you’re in front of a test version it’s logical that the system will give you a screenshot or skip a bug that you’re not used to when using your current operating system.

Moreover, during the final three months of the year, Apple will release the final versions of these operating systems. A day much awaited by the Apple community.

Steps to download the iOS 10 beta

The steps to follow are very simple. First we must access the following link and register in the public beta profile. Once registered you will see the Download Profile option which will allow you to automatically download the beta version to your device.

To be able to install the beta on our iOS device we need to have at least an iPad 4, iPad Mini 2 or higher. And in the case of the iPhone we must have at least an iPhone 5.

Steps to download the Sierra MacOS Beta

The steps for obtaining public beta of macOS are virtually the same as those for iOS. First we access the official website. When we register we will get a code that will allow us to download the beta to our Apple computer.

Before downloading, you might want to take a look at what’s new in the developer beta.