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iOS 10 and a renewed iMessage

Every year the WWDC comes loaded with news and updates related to Apple’s ecosystem. However, although many of these pretend to be secret until the day they are announced, few succeed, due to the power of the Internet and the filtering of information that expands at great speed. It is important to remember that this event, which brings together thousands of developers, will take place in San Francisco from June 13-17 and will have live coverage here in Applesupportphonenumber.

This year is no different, and although there is still a month to go until the event, there is already a lot of information circulating on the internet that will help us to get an idea of what’s new and what’s coming up . iPhone 7, iOS 10 and a new iPad Pro are just a part of what we can find on the web about WWDC 2016.

iOS 10

iOS 10 and a renewed iMessage
iOS 10 and a renewed iMessage

It is common for a new version of the iPhone and iPad operating system to be released each year. Normally all their characteristics and new features are described, this as a prelude to the presentation of a new range of these devices.

iOS 10 will arrive with many new features. Rumor has it that you’ll see big changes in the design of Photos and Apple Music. In addition, will be integrated with the 3D Touch , which will allow you to access previews, enhance your content search and better visualize song lyrics.

On the other hand, Apple will have to improve Apple Music significantly if it really wants users to connect to each other and this is an application more appreciated by them. For example, one thing you should do if you know how to listen to your users, is that they can follow each other and be allowed to exchange information on their favorite music with other users.

It is clear that Apple wants and needs to improve its new streaming system , because although it already has 13 million paying subscribers, has also obtained significant numbers of user cancellations , so improving this application is one of its priorities.

Integrated services with iMessage

Apple is exhausting its last efforts not to let this application die, which already seems to offer nothing to users. iMessage suffered, over the years, something very similar to what happened to BlackBerry Messenger: the lack of innovation and the incursion into the market of more efficient third-party applications with better features made these messaging systems go into the background, losing users and popularity. If you are still a user of this application, you can see the 12 tricks to improve iMessage on iPhone and iPad.

However, at Apple they don’t let you put out the flame. Integrating services into messaging systems is something that companies like Google and Microsoft are working on. Even WeChat, in China, already allows users to place home orders using the application . This is what Apple is expected to do with iMessage, as it is the only way to win back the users it lost at the time and acquire new ones.

The WWDC is getting closer and closer and the more days go by, the more leaks come to light from the internet. These also include the possible renewal of the App Store and a more important incorporation of OCR technology ( Optical Character Recognition , which consists of text recognition from the camera and which Apple uses to obtain information in some of its applications. All these rumors will end when WWDC arrives. Remember that we will cover it live so you don’t miss any details.

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