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Introducing Polarr, the most complete photo editor on the App Store

There are many photo and video editors that can be found in the application stores of any of the mobile operating systems today, but there is always one that stands out from the rest , either by the amount of modifications it is capable of making to the photo or video, or by the interface it presents, is the case that we are concerned with Polarr .

Therefore, this is an application focused on photographic retouching that unites both things that we have just highlighted, a large number of filters and tools for image processing along with a clear, pleasant and intuitive interface . All the features it includes are found clearly and intuitively in the interface , from a first use, in which we can make a quick tour through the whole application, we will have clear where each tool is, being able to say that the learning curve is quite simple .

Introducing Polarr, the most complete photo editor on the App Store
Introducing Polarr, the most complete photo editor on the App Store

Its most important features would be:

  • Create and save your own pre-configuration style.
  • Infinite Undo OptionRedo and History to return to some point in your editing story.
  • Radial and graduated filters make local adjustments easy.
  • HSL channels and Tone Curves help you to perfect the colors in your image.
  • Divide the shades with any color of your preference.
  • Exposure, Contrast, Brightness and Shading, Temperature, Distortions, Bullets, Dehaze, Denoise, etc. All the basic editing features are available, as well as new tools such as color change.
  • Diverse collection of presets for any occasion.
  • Intuitive touch pad replaces the hassle of opening panels.
  • If you choose, you can also make adjustments by tilting the device.

One of the most interesting functions, of the ones listed above, is the one related to the creation of a history of the steps taken in relation to the image processing. Through this history, we can see each step we have followed, and we can go back or redo it if we think it is convenient . So we won’t be doing these edits blindly, which is welcome, so we’ll also know at each step what tool we’ve used.

In addition, in a very quick and simple way, we can see the changes we have made to the photo in the form of before and after , we will do this simply by putting the phone in vertical position , as the application uses a landscape format. in horizontal

So if you’re looking for a good, complete and well-designed photo editor you can’t miss the opportunity to try out Polarr . As the author tells us, the application is optimized individually for each iOS device from the iPhone 5S on, being necessary to have at least iOS 8.1, and to unlock the PRO options, we will have to make a payment of 4.99 euros. To say that is free we find a lot of options , so for a basic use we will not need to pay to use the application.

Download Polarr Photo Editor

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