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Intratime, Control Working Hours with this iPhone App

Intratime is an iPhone application specially designed for small and medium sized businesses that will allow you to control your working hours. This fantastic application offers the possibility of clocking in using the iPhone’s geolocation and marking exactly how many hours you are putting in at work. A perfect solution for both workers and managers because thanks to this system you will be able to demonstrate your work time, either to the client or to your superiors.

In addition, this completely free system has many advantages compared to the old-fashioned system of fixed transfers. You will be able to know not only the amount of hours you have been working but also the place of work with great precision thanks to your device. Synchronize and export your data with your fixed machine.

Control your work and that of your team thanks to the Intratine application for iPhone and iPad

Intratime, Control Working Hours with this iPhone App
Intratime, Control Working Hours with this iPhone App

The first thing you have to do is register to get your own company ID, which is also very easy and free. You can do this through their website or directly from the application itself, it only takes a few minutes and you can take control of up to 5 employees without investing a Euro .

The app control screen is really easy and intuitive to operate, four buttons where you give your input and output and where you can mark the pauses you have made to rest. You also have a tab where you can see all the transfers, including those of your colleagues thanks to the synchronization that Intratime makes.

Intratime allows you to synchronize all transfers with the administrators and you can see in real time where each worker is and how many hours they have been working. The process is really simple and you can connect at any time to check all the data. You will also see the position of each one of them on Google Maps.

An added benefit of Intratime is the ability to export all your transfer data to your fixed device software and you can have full control over your fixed and mobile workers. You can file from your mobile phone and control them from your office, simply and efficiently.

Intratime is much more than an application, it is an incredible solution for companies and workers . As an employee you can show the hours you have been working and then get paid without exception. It allows managers and group leaders to control their employees by monitoring their working hours and their exact position at the time they are hired.

Intratime is easy, free and you can use the application on your iPhone as well as on your iPad since it looks perfect doing x2. Commercials, transport agencies, lawyers, freelancers and any kind of mobile worker will be able to show the hours spent in each workplace to the client. Isn’t that great? What are you waiting for? Download it now for free from the App Store.

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