Interviews and Unpublished Images from the new Steve Jobs Film

The film starring Michael Fassbender, which will tell us about the life of Steve Jobs this October 9th , is less than a week away from its cinema premiere. The shooting began in January 2015, since then we have known many more facts about the biopic…

Steve Jobs’ film will feature Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels, and will highlight three key moments in Jobs’ life: the launch of the first Mac, the introduction of NeXT, and the announcement of the first iPod.

Interviews and Unpublished Images from the new Steve Jobs Film
Interviews and Unpublished Images from the new Steve Jobs Film

A few months ago we were able to see the first trailer of the film, and today, new interviews and behind-the-scenes images have been presented, which we will share with you next.

As the protagonist pointed out in one of the video interviews, Steve Jobs, with his innovative ideas, changed all our lives and the way we interact with technological devices and the way we communicate with other people. The genius and visionary brought Apple back to the top , and the film will reflect that.

Seth Roge, who will play Steve Wozniak on the big screen, describes the film as very “cinematic” and different from any other Steve Jobs biopic. So cinematic that it almost seems more fiction than reality.

On the other hand, director Danny Boyle describes the film as a natural extension of Aaron Sorkin’s previous film: The Social Network. Both films will focus on the geniuses who “created this modern world” and the impact of the repercussions of their innovations on themselves, their friends and the people who use what they invented.

The film has been the subject of controversy over the past week, when Aaron Sorkin gave a somewhat heated response to Tim Cook’s words that many people were taking advantage and being opportunistic . Aaron said that Apple was using Chinese children to make its devices for 17 cents an hour, although he later apologized and encouraged Tim Cook to enjoy the film as he enjoys his devices.

What do you think of the interviews and unreleased scenes from the film Steve Jobs? Will you go see it in the cinema?

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