Interview with Waze manager


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Interview with Waze manager
Interview with Waze manager

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During the last Mobile World Congress 2015 in Difooion we had the opportunity to talk with Julie Anne, communication manager in Waze , perhaps the best application and community for drivers around the world. Waze has become an indispensable application for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.

For those of you who are not aware, Waze allows us to use its service not only to go from one destination to another thanks to your browser, but also to see the state of the roads, traffic and to alert or be alerted to any incident or unforeseen event on the route. All this thanks to the huge community behind the service.

Julie Anne tells us that Spain and Latin America are two very important areas for Waze . People seem to be more sociable and consequently have more initiative to share data with the Waze community. This has allowed Waze in several countries to reach agreements with local governments to provide a better service to citizens.

But this is not all Julie Anne has told us, so if you are interested in the subject you can watch the full interview and discover for example how Waze is changing the way we drive in Catalonia. You can also find out about the country where Waze has the most users or how it affected the purchase by Google and how Waze moves in the legal field.

Personally I have been using Waze for years, it really is a must-have application , and not only for providing navigation data to a destination, but also for reporting any incidents or road conditions on my route. Remember that you can download the application for free from the App Store.

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