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Interview with Steve Jobs at the All Things Digital D8 conference (part I)

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No, the keynote for WWDC 2010 has not yet arrived. But during this past night and dawn Steve Jobs has appeared at the D8 conference of All Things Digital as announced, and in an interview of more than a hundred minutes the CEO of Apple has talked about all the current issues that involve Apple right now.

Interview with Steve Jobs at the All Things Digital D8 conference (part I)
Interview with Steve Jobs at the All Things Digital D8 conference (part I)

Let’s try to synthesize all the information that has come out to get a good overview of Jobs’ views on a set of issues. As you can see in the video above, the interview was conducted by Walt Mossberg together with Kara Swisher (both editors at the Wall Street Journal), who dealt with the main issues separately in the form of questions and statements.

First, for example, we can see that Steve talks about the news of Apple outperforming Microsoft in market capitalization value. Steve has said that for companies that have been in business as long as we have, “it’s surreal, but it’s not something that matters much.

Let’s look at the first half of the topics discussed in this first part of the interview. Later you can read the second part with the rest of the statements.

Apple’s crusade against Flash

Walt Mossberg brought up the subject of Steve’s open letter about Flash on Apple’s official website, and Steve has been quite clear and direct about Apple’s particular war on the Flash platform:

When asked by Mossberg what would happen if people rated the iPad as a bad product for not being able to use Flash, Steve made it absolutely clear with facts:

In other words, Jobs simply points out that iPad sales show that the decision not to use Flash ends up not being of much concern to customers, who are bringing in sales of a million units a month.

Steve Jobs and his TV hobby

The platform that exists right now and the one that could be applied to television to distribute the contents through its screen came up in the question of a member of the audience in the interview. Jobs’ answer focuses on television as a problem:

Steve has revealed that they considered attacking the market several times, but decided to prioritize the iPhone and iPad and that is why they still consider the TV as a simple hobby. To a second question about whether Apple could partner with a cable distributor, the answer is as follows:

The Gizmodo Case

The matter of the prototype that Gizmodo got had to come out. And for the first time, Jobs has commented on the affair personally:

The second part of the interview, which includes statements on the restrictions of the iAd platform, the origin of the iPhone and Apple’s relationship with Google; in a few moments. Don’t change channels.


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