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Interstellar, Create Your Own Galaxy on your iPad and iPhone

Create your own galaxy and explore others with Interstellar for iPad

Paramount Digital Entertainment brings us this game called Interestellar, for iPad and iPhone, based on the new film by Christopher Nolan, of the same name, which has the fashionable actor Matthew McConaughey, as well as Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain and has a release date of November 7th.

The game, available in the App Store, tries to emulate the exploration of solar systems, to obtain materials and other objects. But we’ll have to be aware of the solar energy and fuel we have at all times, as well as go through black holes to make the trips faster.

Customize, create and share your own galaxy

Interstellar, Create Your Own Galaxy on your iPad and iPhone
Interstellar, Create Your Own Galaxy on your iPad and iPhone

As soon as you start, Interstellar proposes you to create your own solar system. In it we can add planets, satellites to these planets and even orbits in which we can then add more planets of our choice.

Planets and satellites in turn can be customized with a number of parameters, such as choosing the color, size and even the texture of the planet or the material it is made of. Once we have created our solar system, we can share it with the rest, so that others can come and explore it or even go out to explore other solar systems created by other users or choose an interstellar journey, which includes several planets together.

Let’s explore the universe with the help of black holes

Once we leave our solar system, to explore other solar systems created by the users themselves, we must take into account the amount of fuel or not lose relative time to the Earth, since the time of our journey is much longer than that spent on earth, due to travel through black holes. This may all sound very complicated, but it is actually explained perfectly with the help of tutorials and the controls are simple to understand and operate.

Once we go out to explore the universe and when we enter a solar system, we will have to choose the planet we want to approach, even being able to enter its orbit, but to do so we must choose well the speed of the Endurace, the ship we control, so as not to crash into the surface. At first it is difficult to take control of the ship, but nothing that is not solved with a little practice.

Sometimes we must go through black holes or fly through the orbit of a planet, avoiding asteroids that may be around it. Or collect energy from the sun, otherwise we want to run out of it when we change orbit to the ship.

The trips propose small missions, which we will have to complete before leaving the solar system through a black hole. Some of them even have to be completed within a certain time.

The whole game has a graphic appearance to match, but has no sound beyond small beeps, as there is no sound in the space and it has been faithfully represented in this way. But still, there’s a missing melody in the menus or something that introduces you to the game a little more.

Customize the Endurace

When we return from our travels, we will obtain material with which to improve the ship. We can improve the fuel modules, the solar energy modules, the shielding of the hull to improve the defence against impacts, add engine or navigation modules. These improvements are applied to the ship and we can also choose different textures to apply to the ship.

All these improvements make the next trips easier to make, being able to make bigger trips in less time.

An Interstellar video to see what it has to offer

We leave you with a gameplay of the game, so you can see how the game works.

Direct Game Download

Interstellar is a free iPad and iPhone game. You can download it from the following button.

Nothing better than Interstellar to make the wait for Christopher Nolan’s movie shorter. Creating your own solar system and exploring that of other users or friends is quite fun.

What do you think of the game? Have you tried it?

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