Interface Changes in iOS 7.1

After many months and many betas iOS 7.1 has finally been released. The first major update of iOS 7 has arrived full of new features, many of them of an aesthetic level, making design adjustments in several areas, such as the phone application, the shutdown interface, the calendar, as well as a number of accessibility options that modify the user interface even more with shapes for buttons and darker colors and improved contrast. Let’s take a tour through the aesthetic changes of this update .

New power button and unlocking screen

The off button becomes rounded corners, unlike the two rectangles in iOS 7. On the unlock screen the text Slide to unlock now has a kind of unattractive transparency in my view.

Changes to the Notification Center

Interface Changes in iOS 7.1
Interface Changes in iOS 7.1

The third tab has been renamed to Unattended instead of Unseen. Also, the buttons for deleting notifications have been changed.

Contrast Enhancement

Another new improvement in accessibility options allows us to now darken iOS by reducing transparency, thus eliminating the transparencies of the dock and the background of folders, as well as increasing contrast throughout the user interface and reducing the white point, eliminating that brightness that many didn’t like.

Changes in Telephone

Both the dial pad and the call menu have been redesigned.

Disables the Parallax effect on the lock screen or Springboard

We can now deactivate the Parallax effect on both the lock screen and the Springboard from the wallpaper change menu.

Darker icons

Continuing with the slight change in the color palette, the perhaps more shrill iOS 7 icons, those for Facetime, Phone and Messages, have been slightly darkened , being now, in my view, more pleasing.

New buttons in the Music application

In the Music application the buttons are now highlighted to repeat the song and activate the shuffle mode when these are selected.

Keyboard changes

The changes in the keyboard have been for me one of the biggest aesthetic successes in iOS 7.1. It has gained a lot in readability, increasing contrast and eliminating some transparency.

Another aspect that has changed is the icons to represent the capitalization block. It may seem a little strange at first, being used to the iOS 7 initial keyboard, but I think it’s quite intuitive.

Outline in buttons

The possibility of highlighting the buttons has been added, creating an outline that, although not visually very attractive at times, can be helpful especially for those not used to iOS.

In addition to these aesthetic changes, one of the most noticeable aspects at the interface level is the change in the animations , which have been accelerated and are now much less “intrusive”, eliminating that feeling of slowing down that they used to give the system.

With all these aesthetic changes we can say that with this version iOS 7 has reached aesthetic maturity , giving the feeling that what we had until now was only a beta and that now we have the final version of iOS 7, which has acquired a greater aesthetic coherence, which is sure to be finished with iOS 8, and has also polished numerous bugs and defects that burdened the operating system. Welcome to these changes.

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