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Interesting concept of a new 11.9″ iPad Pro from Apple

We received a rather interesting concept about the evolution of the iPad Pro in the eyes of Álvaro Pabesio.

On this occasion, he shows us an evolutionary concept of the iPad Pro from 10,5″, where it would become 11,9″ with the same dimensions. All this, reducing its frames. The result is curious and quite interesting.

Interesting concept of a new 11.9″ iPad Pro from Apple
Interesting concept of a new 11.9″ iPad Pro from Apple

Pablo shows us the “New iPad Pro” with symmetrical but much smaller borders. No notch, just a small border around the iPad. The truth is that this concept is very realistic, not only for the quality of the renders, but also for the usability of it, since it offers a fair frame to hold the iPad without interfering with the screen itself.

Making the most of the iPad’s size, that’s the idea Alvaro presents in this new issue. Without a doubt, one of the best concepts we have seen to date. We don’t know if Apple has something similar in mind, but if it did, it wouldn’t let us down at all.

Alvaro even goes so far as to specify his vision for the new iPad Pro. In addition to the eye-catching 11.9″ screen, he would also add the 120Hz screen (already enjoyed by current iPad Pro), TrueTone, a minimal reflection, a 12 MP dual camera with 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. All this with a A12 Bionic chip .

Having the same body as the current iPad Pro 10,5″ , Pablo has thought of everything. Thanks to this we could take advantage of the accessories that Apple currently has in its stores. Without a doubt, a very curious and quite realistic concept. You can see all the images in his own gallery.

See all images of the concept

What did you think of this concept of the new iPad Pro? Would you like to see something like this or do you prefer a design with notch?