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Intel Unveils Future Processors for MacBook Air

Although Intel has divested itself of its mobile modem division, they are still hard at work on the processors for the computers. Without a doubt Intel’s processors are the most important on the market and are not yet surpassed by those of their counterparts such as AMD. Today, the next generation of processors has been born, which are ideal for thin and medium laptops, as they hardly give off any heat, as MacBook does.

These tenth generation processors are codenamed Ice Lake and have a 10 nanometer architecture , very similar to the chips we find in the latest iPhone which are 7 nanometers.

Intel Unveils Future Processors for MacBook Air
Intel Unveils Future Processors for MacBook Air

Presenting this 10 nanometer architecture not only means that it takes up less space but also produces less heat and therefore consumes less energy increasing the autonomy of the computers where it can be installed. There is no doubt that this processor, which produces less heat, is ideal for the more basic MacBook Pro and MacBook Air of the future.

In addition to these features it also integrates intel’s new Gen 11 graphics architecture for improved graphics performance, in addition to Thunderbolt 3 and WiFi 6 known as 802.11ax.

From Intel they point out that these new Ice Lake chips will be ready for the Christmas shopping season. This makes us think they wouldn’t be ready for Apple’s hypothetical October launches with the new MacBook Pro from 16″ or the new MacBook Air 2019. We expect that by 2020 we’ll have completed these tenth-generation processors so we can take advantage of the best performance.

But more than performance we hope that these new laptops will not end up getting so hot, as laptops unfortunately do not enjoy very good ventilation.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of these new 10th generation Intel processors.

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