Intel Core Haswell, the processors of Apple’s future new laptops

Intel Core Haswell, toda la información

Next Monday, June 10th, WWDC 2013 will be held where Apple will show its new products. Among all the rumors is the renewal of the MacBook range that could include a Retina display in MacBook Air as well as other improvements but the one that will surely be present, now or when the new computers see the light, will be the processor. A processor manufactured by Intel that will be the fourth generation, better known as the Intel Core Haswell .

Intel Core Haswell, technical details

Intel Core Haswell, the processors of Apple’s future new laptops
Intel Core Haswell, the processors of Apple’s future new laptops

The new generation of Intel processors closes a cycle, tick-tock model used by Intel, and focuses on improving the performance and optimization of the Ivy Bridge architecture present in current computers.

From here on the new generation Haswell is looking for higher performance as well as more efficient energy consumption . And this is evident from the fact that, as we have already mentioned, the new generation of processors promises a 50% increase in autonomy. So without Apple doing anything to its batteries, the new 13-inch MacBook Air, for example, would go from a theoretical seven hours of wireless web browsing to 10.5 hours.

To achieve this energy improvement, Intel has made several changes and one of them, as they say in Xataka, is the inclusion of the chipset together with CPU and GPU in the same silicon board giving rise to a new more efficient SoC that also saves physical space. We don’t know if it will be the solution chosen by Apple or if they will continue with the classic distribution where CPU and GPU are separated in two chips.

And along with greater performance and increased autonomy comes more graphics power . Intel introduces a new name for its GPUs (graphics processing units), Iris. With two versions, Iris and Iris Pro, the new GPUs that will also be known as Intel HD Graphics 5200 and HD Graphics 5000 improve their capabilities.

Where the support for 4K resolutions stands out, which gives us even more reason to think about the inclusion of Retina screens. We will also have support for DirectX 11 (under Bootcamp), OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 4.3. Achieving in some cases double the performance.

Haswell, it will make a big difference

Year after year each new generation of processors marks a difference from the previous one but with Intel Core Haswell will be notable for its graphics power and energy consumption . Mainly in laptops like MacBook Air.

The new generation will allow MacBook Air to do heavier tasks, I personally have edited video at 1080p on my 13″ Air and unless you put in a lot of layers of effects it’s going really well for the computer that it is. Plus the increased battery life can be dramatic for a computer that already surprises with 5 or 6 hours of actual use.

If you want to know some additional details as the whole range of processors, both for desktops and laptops, you can consult the article that our colleagues of Xataka have published.

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