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instictiv a great alternative iTunes

instictiv is an application that has captivated me. Not only is it an alternative to iTunes to keep in mind but it also allows to discover upcoming gigs that are being played close to where we are and has random playback algorithms from our library based on our mood. “Instictiv”:http:

“instictiv un reproductor y gestor de dispositivos como alternativa a iTunes”:https:

instictiv a great alternative iTunes
instictiv a great alternative iTunes

Oh, and by the way, the application is totally free at the moment . Although it is still in the preview and development phase, it is not surprising that it will soon become an app shareware because, as you will see in the extended entry, it is really good.

As you can see in the screenshot, it is able to read the tags of our songs and also the covers and other metadata of our music files. The interface of the application is really good and is very nice and functional . Another thing is the icon, for me a little bit sappy, having that mix between flower and speaker is a bit strange, but nothing that a good “Candybar”:https:/www.Apple.comtagcandybar can’t solve.

One of the options that stand out the most is the fantastic search that is integrated . We can now search for artists, songs, whatever, it’s very quick and will show us the results in order and with the cover page so that we can identify at a glance what we want to play.

It has a play mode based on our mood , although it is not very configurable, the application will look for similar themes in our library given a certain starting point (a seed, seed ), a song that we choose.

And what can we say about the great concert ticket search . Really great, it’s based on our location, our library and the current date to show us future concerts in our area for the next few months. It connects to the powerful Songkick service and allows you to buy tickets on online services like . The result is a very real threat against our Visas (especially if you are a music lover), so, I just found out that Eels are coming in concert in Barcelona in September, so I’m going to ticktackticket to buy the tickets!

However, it does miss two quite important features: the possibility of defining universal keyboard shortcuts is something that reduces the usability of the application and that for the moment we can not affect the volume of reproduction, we will have to lower or raise the system volume or access the preferences of the application. It’s true that the application has some basic shortcuts defined but we’ll have to access the application’s window to change the theme that’s being played.

Download /www.instinctiv.comEn Apple /www.Apple.comaplicacionesinstinctiv-un-reproductor-y-gestor-de-dispositivos-como-alternativa-a-itunes

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