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Instapaper is purchased by Betaworks, owner of Digg

Take it easy! Instapaper doesn’t close, it goes to Betaworks to get better. Betaworks has purchased Instapaper because the creator of Instapaper was unable to provide more support: Marco Arment has recently started new projects, such as a paid magazine with good content, but will continue to advise the team to carry Instapaper. So only good things can come out of this union.

Instapaper founder Marco Arment launched it yesterday on his various Twitter accounts with a link to his personal blog: Instapaper has been sold to Betaworks, the current owner of services such as Digg or bitly. Arment explains that since he launched the service in 2008 it has not stopped growing and is now impossible to maintain with just one person.

Instapaper is purchased by Betaworks, owner of Digg
Instapaper is purchased by Betaworks, owner of Digg

Instapaper was launched in 2008 as a simple web service, a pioneer in saving pages to be read later and optimizing the view to be read with comfort. Then came the iPhone and iPad application, with offline saving . Only Marco Arment has worked on all of this and he tells us that in this last year he had problems maintaining the service.

The whole purchase process started a couple of months ago, when suddenly Marco realized the situation, but he knew very well who was the best to take the project. Betaworks acquired Digg last year for a significant amount of money, and soon after that the redesign we have today doubling the daily users, besides announcing last month that it would create a service similar to Google Reader.

Arment will continue to serve as advisor to the project, and they have agreed to treat Instapaper’s health and longevity as paramount. With an alternative Google Reader and “read after” in Betaworks they can take off completely. What will Pocket think of it all?

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