Install Windows 10 on Mac with Boot Camp step by step

There are many reasons why you might be thinking about installing Windows 10 on a Mac. If you have an Apple computer, either desktop or laptop, it will probably be because you prefer the macOS operating system over another one however it can be very useful to have two operating systems in the same computer for different tasks .

In this post we will help you install the latest version of the Microsoft operating system on your Mac computer in a simple and legal way with the Boot Camp assistant.

Requirements for installing Windows 10 on Mac

Install Windows 10 on Mac with Boot Camp step by step
Install Windows 10 on Mac with Boot Camp step by step

In order to install Windows 10 on a Mac, a number of requirements must be met:

  • A Windows 10-compatible Mac. All computers, desktop or portable, are compatible with the 2012 or later generation.
  • Have enough space on the disk to be able to create a partition with Boot Camp. The minimum size is 64 GB, although Apple recommends at least 128 GB.
  • Have an external keyboard and a mouse or trackpad in case you want to install on a desktop Mac.
  • Have an empty USB flash drive with at least 16GB capacity unless you own a MacBook Pro 2015 or later, MacBook Air 2015 or later, MacBook 2015 or later, iMac 2015 or later, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro 2013.

Start installation step by step

If your equipment meets the above requirements you can proceed with the installation as described below:

1. You should get a Windows disk image. You can download this from the official Microsoft website by choosing which version of the system you want to download, in this case Windows 10. You will need to save the system image to your USB flash drive if your Mac is one of those mentioned in the requirements section.

2. Open the Boot Camp Assistant . You can find it on the Launchpad or by quickly accessing it with the cmd+space command and typing it in the search bar.

3. The Boot Camp Assistant will guide you step-by-step by giving you facilities such as choice of disk space you want to give to Windows 10 . This part is very important because later on it will be very complicated to allocate more or less space to the partition on which Windows will be installed. During this step where you will install the drivers needed to boot up Windows 10 you may be required to insert the flash drive where you have downloaded the system image.

4. After completing the Boot Camp Assistant steps, the Mac will restart and the Windows installer will be displayed. If you are using the flash drive you will be asked where you want to install and you must select the partition called “BOOTCAMP”. In the event that you are not using that USB drive the formatting and subsequent installation will be done automatically.

5. Once the above process is completed it is recommended to disconnect all external devices such as monitors and disks that are not needed during the installation.

6. When the installation is complete the computer will restart and you will have Windows 10 installed unless you configure it to your liking .

How to switch between Windows and MacOS

Once you’ve followed the installation steps and have both MacOS and Windows on your Mac, it’s easy to switch between them. Simply press the “alt” key, “option” on newer computers, just as the computer is starting up and a screen will appear on which you can choose to start either macOS or Windows 10.

If you want to change the operating system that will start by default when you turn on your Mac you need to go to System Preferences> Boot Disk and click on the lock to make changes. You will be prompted for the administrator password . Then selects the boot disk containing the operating system you want to set up and your computer is ready to boot by default with the system you prefer.

Believe it or not, even if you don’t have macOS, you will be able to sync the iPhone with Windows thanks to a series of available apps.

If you have had any problems installing Windows 10 on a Mac following this tutorial tell us in the comments and we will try to help you solve it.

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