Install macOS 10.15.5: what’s new in this version

Late Tuesday, Apple released a new operating system update for the Mac. The new version of macOS 10.15.5 is now available for all compatible computers after having been released 5 betas earlier. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this new version.

How to install macOS 10.15.5

The way to upgrade your computer to this version is the usual way, since nothing changes. If you have a High Sierra MacOS version or earlier, you’ll need to go to the Mac App Store and the Updates tab, but if you have one of the recent versions, just go to System Preferences> Software Update and you’ll find this update ready for download and subsequent upgrade. Also, by going to the Apple menu at the top and going to “About This Mac” you can find an access to the updates panel.

New from Catalina 10.15.5

Install macOS 10.15.5: what’s new in this version
Install macOS 10.15.5: what’s new in this version

Although we won’t see much new in the Mac until the next big version of macOS, 10.16, the truth is that we found interesting improvements for users. These are the most outstanding, besides the classic security improvements and internal bug fixes:

  • Battery status management for MacBook, which will help you better manage battery life. It can be configured from System Preferences and will indicate if the computer needs any maintenance such as changing the MacBook battery, as well as better optimizing charges.
  • Group FaceTime changes, as you can now control how each participant’s floating windows appear and prevent them from getting bigger.
  • Calibration for the Pro Display XDR, the display released with the Mac Pro that now allows for better white point and luminance settings.
  • Improvements in Reminders, avoiding a problem that caused some notifications not to be sent.
  • Troubleshooting when logging in and entering the password
  • Solution to problems with the built-in camera on some computers that were not able to detect them after making a video call.
  • Macs with the T2 chip have solved problems that prevented the speakers from working properly.
  • Troubleshooting with the iCloud photo library.
  • Accessibility problems solved, such as the one that prevented the speed of the animations from being reduced.

Waiting for macOS 10.16

After getting to know the Mojave Desert or Catalina Island in the latest versions of MacOS, now it is our turn to get to know a new natural area in California that will give its name to the new Mac. As we said before, macOS 10.16 will be the next big update of these teams and the truth is that the name will be the least of it. We are not expecting big revolutions for this system considering how mature and polished it is, but we will probably see things that just define it.

The famous Catalyst Project that allows developers to create Mac apps based on iOS code will continue to be present and it is already expected that even Apple itself will redesign some native apps in this way, such as Messages. We’ll see all this at the WWDC 2020 which will be held virtually on June 22nd. After the first day of this conference the first operating system betas will be released and in September or October when users can enjoy all the new features.

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