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Instagram will incorporate GIFs and WhatsApp’s “last time online

Instagram is well known, having a great success for its Stories that have not finished setting in the rest of messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger. Although they are all from the same owner, Facebook, are working on improving only Instagram because are giving better results in terms of use.

A future update would add new functions in this social network, such as enter GIFs and also copy a functionality that we always see in WhatsApp.

Instagram will incorporate GIFs and WhatsApp’s “last time onlineInstagram will incorporate GIFs and WhatsApp’s “last time online

You can see that Mark Zuckerberg has got his act together and is updating his main applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook . It seems that they are focusing on adding new features to all their apps to make them much more attractive. A few weeks ago it was WhatsApp that was updated adding a much sought after feature, and in the coming weeks it will be Instagram that will be updated adding the option to add GIF to the Stories.

These GIFs will be supported thanks to the integration of GIPHY in the social network. In addition, new stickers will be incorporated in the Stories and direct messages will be remodeled . It would also move a functionality that we see now in WhatsApp as it is the last time you have been online . This would show up in the direct messages so we’d know if our friend isn’t online and simply doesn’t want to reply.

We see how Facebook is unifying all its services giving the characteristics of one to the other. Is this a good strategy on the part of Facebook? Users should judge when the update comes to us. But in my opinion I see a good evolution in the Stories by adding GIFs that are quite used in the different social networks.

We hope that we will soon receive this update loaded with news and you can judge for yourself. Leave us in the comment box what you think about it.