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Instagram Starts Unlocking Multi-Account Support in iOS

At the beginning of December we told iPadizate that in its next updates Instagram was going to include a new feature in its mobile application to use several different accounts from one device. Well, that time has come and Instagram has started to release multi-account support in the iOS app .

Of the more than 400 million active users of this photo social network, more than one has several accounts, one personal, one for his work… So I’m sure those people appreciate this feature very much in order to be able to manage their different Instagram accounts without having to log out of one to open the other .

Instagram Starts Unlocking Multi-Account Support in iOS
Instagram Starts Unlocking Multi-Account Support in iOS

Now, only two months after the first rumors the multi account feature has started to appear in the Instagram app of some iPhone users . Here’s more on this feature, here we go!

This new Instagram multi-account function is really interesting , especially for users who manage several accounts on a daily basis, such as Community Managers, for example. This way, they won’t need to open and close those accounts continuously.

Another advantage of this feature is that users will not need to have other third-party applications installed to manage multiple accounts. Because what better way to manage everything easily and comfortably from the official Instagram application .

The feature is gradually being activated and finding out if you already have multi-account support in your Instagram application is easy. The first thing you need to do is check if you have the latest version of the application installed on your iPhone , go to your profile where you will see your name at the top.

If an arrow appears next to your profile name to display a menu, the function is already active . Clicking on this arrow will display a list of all accounts you logged into Instagram with from the application preferences.