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Instagram removes your Apple Watch app in the latest version

Adding up, with the update of Instagram to its version 39.0, in addition to some interesting new features, we also find some unpleasant surprises, such as the removal of the application for the Apple Watch .

The main reason could be Apple’s requirement that applications for the Apple Watch, be native rather than loaded directly from the iPhone.

Instagram removes your Apple Watch app in the latest version
Instagram removes your Apple Watch app in the latest version

This would start from this week for all developers, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a few more applications were to disappear over the next few days.

Instagram was one of the first applications to bet on the Apple Watch, even though its use was limited, it allowed us to see the interactions of our followers on our own wrist without having to resort to the iPhone.

Tim Cook at the Apple Watch presentation

She’s not the first and she won’t be the last to disappear. Some heavyweights such as Amazon, eBay, Google Maps or Slack , also removed support for the Apple Watch.

In the case of Amazon , it was curious how we could buy an item with a voice command and a couple of ticks on the clock itself. We were able to try it out at the time and the truth is that the experience was really positive.

The same was true for Slack , a rather interesting application for connecting to a workgroup on a permanent basis through channels. It worked really well, but was no longer available for the Apple Watch.

The reason why Apple wants native applications in the Apple Watch, is the performance and stability of them, where the apps offer a better experience, besides not depending so much on the iPhone. This is interesting for the end user, but for some reason, developers are not betting on this option.

Although some of these applications commented that they would be available again in the Apple Watch , the truth is that it has been a while since we had any news about it. Perhaps Instagram will not have a dedicated app for the Apple Watch again, following in the footsteps of other high-calibre apps.

What did you think about the disappearance of Instagram for the Apple Watch? Did you used to use it often?

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